Is Information Technology working for your business?

Unless technology is your business, the answer may be “no”.

Small business owners must cope with competing priorities such as driving sales, building the organization, and looking after day-to-day operations.

You don’t have the time to become a technology guru, and you don’t have the resources to hire full-time IT staff.

So how do you satisfy the growing technology demands of your business?

Outsourced Technology Management

Strategic Technology Planning

CanuckTech provides strategic technology planning for your business, with a focus on identifying and delivering specific benefits with the solutions we implement. We have the expertise to provide a sound evaluation of your IT needs and potential opportunities, while ensuring your systems can grow with your business. And since we are also a small business, we understand your need to achieve real benefits while keeping costs down.

Project Management and Implementation

Even the best-run projects don’t go exactly as planned. That’s why good project management is essential to ensure all the details are managed and your IT projects deliver the intended benefits. Whether your situation calls for a rigorous project management methodology or a more casual and less expensive approach, our years of experience will help keep your project on track.

System Administration and Ongoing Support

CanuckTech Support is there when you need it, without having to invest in permanent IT staff. We provide periodic maintenance of your systems, and ongoing support for your users.

Your Trusted Technology Partner

Team Member

CanuckTech works as a member of your team and uses an internal perspective to identify the potential benefits of well managed IT systems and services.


Our client relationships are based on trust, and we will earn your confidence by delivering solutions that truly benefit your business.


We believe small businesses should be in control of their information technology, that’s why we implement solutions directly into your organization to maximize your ownership and control of these key assets.


Once your systems are in place, CanuckTech provides regular ongoing support and maintenance, so we are there when you need us without having to invest in permanent IT staff.

What can CanuckTech do for you?

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